Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here's a tale that would make the coldest of hearts cry (with laughter):

From: Barbara Cole <>
Date: Sat, May 11, 2013 at 6:29 AM

I'm Barbara Cole, I'm 15 years old girl I live in Bolton UK before my Dad passed away in a car accident 3 years ago, I now live with my step mum in Warrington, My mum died immediately she gave birth to me. My late Dad Mr.Norman Cole was a big business man in UK before he died in a car accident 2007 I am the only child of my Dad, he died 3 days after the accident so he Will all his life savings to me, I have been trying to collect the funds from the bank but the bank MD CEO refused, he said I should present someone old enough so he can transfer the funds to the person that I can’t be in control of the huge amount of funds because  I am still a teenage and it is against the UK law.
I would have told my step mum to assist me in collecting the funds from the bank but she is not a good woman, my Dad warned me about her before he died, now that I live with her I now understand that what my Dad said about her was true, because she don’t give me attention she don’t care if I am alright or not, all she do is to take hard drugs and bring different men to the house. I don’t want to have anything to do with her. If I get her involved in this she will use all the funds to take hard drugs.  All I wish for right now is someone old enough and honest to help me collect my funds from the bank as I am still a teenage and it is against the UK law.  Why I can't wait until i am 18 years is because what my step mum is doing to me is not fair and i don't want her to Influence me with her bad life style i just wan't to live so i can live a better life.
I know we don’t know each other but please I need your help if you can assist me to collect the funds from the bank I will give you 50% out of the funds, Then you will help me invest my 50% until I am 18 and I will be staying with you or you will get somewhere for me to stay until I am 18 years old.
If you agree to help me, I will send you a copy of the Will and my pictures so you will know me, and I will send you the contact of the Bank and tell you how much is the funds so you can contact them, and I will inform the bank that you will contact them that you are the person that want to help me.
I will be waiting for your urgent reply so I can send you the contact of the bank and my father’s Will and death certificate.
Please this letter has to be confidential,and I need your 100% trust and loyalty because the lawyer I got involved wanted to made away with the money, so I told the bank not to transfer the funds to him, I already promised to give you half of the funds so please be honest with me.
If you are interested please reply me on my email:
Best Regards
Barbara Cole

Her stepmother actually sounds like a lot of fun. Still, let it not be said that I would turn down the pleas of a child in trouble:

Dear Barbara,
Your story moves me. How may I help?

Fortunately, little Barbara had the wherewithal to provide details and jpg's post-haste:

I acknowledge your willingness to assist me. On the attachment you will find my dad death certificate, will and my pictures.  Please i need your 100% loyalty and trust; this has to be confidential because of my step mother.

Below you will find the contact details of the bank, I have told them about you already, they are waiting for you to contact them.  After you read the will you will know how much the funds my dad left for me is.

Name of Bank: United National Bank.
Name to contact: Mr. Martin Joe
United National Bank
Tel: 44-208-711-5848 44-786-409-7002
Fax: 44-207-692-5449 44-207-681-3257
Martin Joe's Mobile: 44-702-408-5606 or 44-702-407-5517

You are to contact the accountant of the Bank Mr.Martin Joe to tell you what to do.  I have already told him you will contact him so he will be waiting for you.
Please keep me update as soon as you contact the bank so i can send you the deposit certificate of the funds and my birth certificate.

This is my private email : that only me has the password.


Barbara Cole

   In addition to that 50 million, little Barbara also inherited her dad's way with spelling, syntax and grammar. And as for those photos -- she certainly seems in good health for a kid who's living in a crack den. It was up to me to give her some fatherly advice:

Well, the will and certificate are certainly all the proof I need that this is on the level. But I'm confused. Those pictures are from a stock photo site, Certainly you're making enough money as a model to carry you over until you're 18, aren't you?

If not, please get in touch.

She must have realized the truth in what I was saying -- I never heard from her again.