Sunday, February 3, 2013


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Think you have enough credit cards? What if I were to tell you that VISA was offering one already loaded with spending money? Now are you interested? Let David James explain:

ATM Visa Card Department

Following the receipt of your email to this office and your re confirmation information which you have submitted for the delivery of your ATM Visa Card, we are pleased to inform you that after due verification of your data from our payment database here, your information was confirmed and we have approved the delivery of your ATM Visa Card which contain the total sum of $2,500.000.00. (Two Million, Five hundred Thousand United State Dollars Dollars), Which you can make withdraw at any ATM Machine in your location Worldwide, with maximum daily limit amount of US$15,000.00 ''Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars''  daily.

Be informed that we have made delivery arrangement with the FedEx Courier Company to commence delivery of your ATM Visa Card immediately you meet up with the requirements to grant the release of your Card. As you already know, there is an Insurance clearance and a Security Keeping fee of US$320.00 which is mandatory to be paid before your Card can be granted for immediate delivery as the delivery charges has already been paid.

Further to this, you are hereby advise to submit your Security Keeping Fees and Insurance Clearance Fees of US$320.00 to help facilitate the release of your ATM Visa Card so we can proceed to the FedEx Courier Company for submitting of your Parcel for delivery to your doorstep within 48Hours of shipping.

You are advise to submit your fees through Money Gram OR Western Union Money Transfer Payable directly to our official Cashier Mr. Noel Eboh with the information as indicated below.

AMOUNT: US$320.00

As soon as your payment is made available for procedures, kindly submit to this office, a scan copy of your payment receipt or detail information of your payment, to help us confirm your payment and Grant the release of your ATM Visa Card. Once your ATM Visa Card is granted for delivery, we shall immediately proceed to the FedEx Courier Company and have them commence shipment of your ATM Visa Card to your designated address for pickup and withdrawal of your fund.

Immediately the shipment of your ATM Visa Card is commence, we shall not hesitate to forward the Tracking Numbers of your shipment to your for Tracking of your Parcel online to know it specific time for arrival at your door step.

You are advise to treat your payment as urgent today to enable immediate release and procedures on the shipment of your ATM Visa Card.

Please feel more free to contact me directly if there is any clearance needed regarding the delivery of your ATM Visa Card.

Call me on my direct line at: +234-7037133389 for further clearance.

We Anticipate your Kind Co-operations.

Your Safety is 100% Guaranteed.

Awaiting receipt of your payment.

Mr. David James.
ATM Visa Card Department
ATM 101

 I like the Chinese lettering at the top of the email -- looking all international gives it a touch of authenticity. It's really tempting to call these guys in the middle of the night Nigeria time, but I prefer email as my main form of communication:

Man oh man oh schevitz, am I glad you got in touch with me! Glenn Beck was talking about this the other day, how there have been screw-ups with credit cards. Like a billion dollars or something just waiting to be given to cardholders. Thank you for your honesty! It gives me faith in my fellow man!

You say I need to give you $32, and that's fine. How do I do that? Can I send you a check? If you live close enough to me (I live in Arizona -- go, Wildcats!) I can see you in person.

Please reply soon. Two and a half million can go a long way these days. Heck, I could own all of Jerome!
Too much? Perhaps. Another dead end.

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