Saturday, March 2, 2013


And we return to China. This guy took a different twist, bringing my family into the picture:

Dear Friend,

I am Li Chen, an account manager in China Trust Bank, a licensed bank
incorporated in China Asia. I am getting in touch with you regarding a
customer in my bank who died here in Asia without a next of kin and an
investment worth millions of dollars placed in our bank some years ago,
and I happened to be his accounts officer.

However, this deal will be executed under a legitimate arrangement since you
bear the same last name with the deceased. I am contacting you independently
and will intimate you more about myself and details of the project if and
when I receive your response. Kindly get back to me if you are interested
in partnering with me on this project.

Li Chen.

Lucky for me, I was apparently the only person in the world with the same last name of the deceased.

 OMG, I wondered what happened to my uncle Shemp! He went to your country many years ago to "convert the heathen Chinese" (his words, sorry if you're offended). We hadn't heard from him since he decided he'd had it with being a minister and decided to invest in a strip club in your country. No wonder he made a fortune. Even your noble country likes to watch strippers. And who can blame you? Not I!
A legitimate arrangement is the only kind I would get involved with. I would like to know more about this and collect the fortune that is inherently mine. Please get in touch with me.
PS: Is you a woman?

Uncle Shemp would have been very sorry to see I blew millions of dollars by being a smartass, for Mr. or Ms. Chen cleverly saw through my disguise. I've got to try to be more serious with the next scam that comes my way. These short-term relationships are a pain.

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