Tuesday, January 27, 2015


 I'm no expert at economics, so maybe someone can explain why a country that could use dough, like Africa, wants to give me a large piece of it.

Africa's Priority Program for Economic recovery
Email: email.au@1email.eu
Tel:233 0380870122
Fax:233 0380870121

Good day Kevin,

I am Rev. Andrew Robertson, of the newly inaugurated African Union Debt
Recovery committee (AUDRC). My committee as Africa's Priority Program for
Economic recovery has a mandate to pay unpaid debts associated with NNPC
contracts, inheritance fund, loans and grants etc ranging from $1M-$45.5M
owed to various beneficiaries and companies across the globe (Asia,
Europe, USA, Africa, and Australia) and submit the list of the unpaid
beneficiaries /companies to the appointed official paying Bank for
immediate payment.

This payment arrangement was setup by the African Union and the United
Nation Refund committee after the final meeting held in Abuja and United
Kingdom. The Board has concluded that everyone on the list who lost money
in any false transactions originated from Africa should receive immediate
compensation fee of US$ 2,400,000(Two Million Four Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars)

In the course of our investigation, your name was short listed among the
individuals yet to be paid hence this email. Therefore to meet up with the
giving mandate and to avoid undue delay I have decided to contact you for
reconfirmation of your details to enable us submit them to the paying bank
for your payment. If I fail to hear from you after 72 hours, it will be
assumed that you are not ready for the payment and your application will
be cancelled without prejudice.

Therefore, reconfirm your particulars below and contact me with full
details and necessary actions will be taken accordingly.

1. Full Name: _____________________________________________
2. Address: _______________________________________________
3. Nationality:__________________, Sex____________Female_____
4. Age: _______________________, Date of Birth: ______________
5. Occupation: ____________________________________________
6. Phone: ________________________________, Fax: ___________
7. State of Origin: __________________, Country: _______________
8. Any scanned copy of your identity to prove yourself.
9. Complete banking details for immediate transfer of your funds.

ADDRESS( au.email@1email.eu )

Best Regards
Rev. Andrew Robertson

Let's see -- African Debt Fund, European email domain. Nothing suspicious there. For some reason, I neglected to reply within the required timeframe, but begged for a second chance.

Dear Rev. Robertson,

I'm so grateful to have heard from you. Unfortunately, I was unable to reply to your email within 72 hours. I was one of those people trapped under nine feet of snow in upstate New York, and was unable to access my wifi. You'd think by now the cable company would have thought ahead about such a possible problem. I guess you don't have snow in Africa. Let me tell you, it's colder than Ted Cruz walking past an unemployment line.

Now because I was late in responding, I wanted to know if I was still eligible for that money. If so, then please let me know. If not, well, I guess i understand, but remember it wasn't my fault. It was the snow's and the cable company's fault. So don't hold it against me.

Chester Hooten

These were very forgiving people, because I received a cautiously optimistic reply.

Good day Chester Hoosten

This is to acknowledged the receipt of your message and the contents noted. The reasonfor your late response has been communicated to the Board.

I was disappointed that they couldn't spell my phony name correctly, but I remained humble.

Dear Rev. Robertson,

Thank you. I hope that I didn't blow this thing. I just wanted to let you know the snow wasn't my fault. I have no control whatsoever over the weather. I understand you guys have tribal wizards or something that can do that kind of thing, but I lack those skills. Maybe you can teach me. All I know about Africa is that lousy song by Toto.

Chester Hooten

Looks like I insulted his taste in music, for that was the last I heard from Rev. Robertson.


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